in/finite connections: Digital Networks in ART 

This event will take place at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts.

Explore the history of digital art & create your own project!

This workshop delves into the evolution of digital art communities, from the early days to the post-digital age. Then, get hands-on with brainstorming & mentorship to develop your own creative concept for a potential VR exhibition!

Lecturer: Anna Fech, Aghababa Bagirov,  Rugiyya Salmanova (Translator)

Language: English, Azerbaijani

For Whom?: Educational program for creative people interested in digital art, media theory and socially engaged art, no previous knowledge is required


The workshop is divided into two parts. Firstly, it aims to delve into the historical evolution of digital networks within the realm of art. Secondly, it invites the participants to cultivate and refine their own creative concepts for potential projects.

21-22 May 2024 | 2:00 PM

Location: Location: ADRA Museum Exhibition Complex

2-Day Workshop Schedule:

    1. Day: 3 hours theory and exercises

    2. Day: 2 hours introduction of Ro Digital Art Space and developing ideas for a VR exhibition